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From taking your own personal design and translating it into code, to upgrading or updating an existing page, the possibilities for a unique web presence are endless.

I’ll create custom pages that are beautiful, showcase who you are and what you do, and are easy to read and navigate.

If you want a custom WordPress site, I’ll design a theme from scratch, install a fresh copy of WordPress on your hosting site, and install and configure the recommended plugins that help your site stay secure, run smoothly, and have additional functionality.

So, if the packages listed here don’t float your boat, let’s talk. I can create a custom package for you, totally working within your budget and needs.

Let’s see what we can create together!

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I’m Diane Metcalf, owner, and lead designer. I make it possible for professionals and small businesses to own an impactful online presence. One that showcases their unique talents, skills, abilities, style & values, while focusing on their ability to influence, engage and connect.

I’ve been designing, developing and administering all kinds of websites (portfolio, resume’, bridal, boy-scouts, school, business, e-store) since 2003.

In 2013, I earned a Master of Science degree in Information Technology (an intersection of business administration and computer science.) I learned about business models, e-commerce, project management, IT service management, web development, and website user-experience-design.

I wanted to be a great designer and developer, but I also wanted to have a broad perspective, to see the big picture. I wanted to know how it all works together to help businesses be successful.

I make it a point to understand your specific needs and expectations and eliminate any pain-points you’re experiencing with your brand.

Image and Aspect is a solution-based web presence development service for creatives, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. I developed Image and Aspect because I believe that an impactful online presence should showcase your talents, skills, values & style, while focusing on influencing, engagement & connection.

I’m serious about what I do; I like helping fellow humans, I like having all kinds of social connection with others, and I want to give back, to make the world a better place.

Me & my Goldador, Abby

I do much of the designing and coding myself, and I also have a wonderful network of professionals that may also contribute; photographers, copywriters, and branding experts.

I design and code beautiful, elegant and responsive web creations. I ALSO teach and help others who want to learn how to do it themselves from a professional.

If you’re into designing your own site, I can take your completed web design and turn it into a fully-functioning website.

I enjoy providing my clients with strategic, well-coded websites that look beautiful and work perfectly on any device.

My Blog, Tips and Snips is a wealth of information and inspiration for DIYers to transform their online persona from “meh” to AMAZING!

I write about Design, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Branding, Vlogging, Color Theory, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, WordPress, Social Media…anything you’d want to know to get yourself noticed online.

My specialty is creating beautiful, elegant, mobile-responsive web-presences. I leverage custom code, or if you prefer, I create a custom WordPress theme, to achieve your vision.

Abby & Simba

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