Blinded- Currently in Query

A moving target is harder to hit, a truth known by Deirdre Lute but kept from her seventeen year old daughter Alexandrite, much like the secret of her lineage.

The first daughter and heiress to the sun, Alex is dragged from town to town across the US by an ever deteriorating Deirdre, dreaming of a life most take for granted: a permanent address and a place to call her own. With only her mom, a budding sense of sarcasm and a suitcase full of nicked treasures to keep her company, Alex is near bursting for friendships like she’s only read about.

When a 2,000 year old diary lands in her hands, gifted by a god of days gone by posing as a bed and breakfast owner, their days of running fade quickly. In the small town of Loving, New Mexico, the powers of the sun are flaring up inside of the unknowing demigoddess just as she’s ready to settle into normalcy, battling with the human blood that runs beneath her skin.But it isn’t just Alex’s future that hangs from the moirae’s precipice as time catches up to the Lute girls. To get the life she’s always wanted, Alex may lose the only constant she’s ever known – her mother – to the father she never could have guessed she had. Apollo.

As it turns out, even gods lie and steal. They might be the very best at it. Sometimes, Alex learns, standing still is harder than running away.

Short Story

The Walls of Whitechapel

What a woman would do for a home. An exercise in limits, this short story explores the theme of bad choices. It was written within the boundary of 1000 words or less within the time span of two weeks from conception to publishing.

The whole story can be enjoyed online, just click on the cover!

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