An online store, market or shop is a web site that enables visitors to search for, discover, order and pay for products or services. Owning a successful electronic store means getting qualified buyers to find your store and then helping them solve the problem that brought them there. You’ll need to demonstrate credibility as a brand and make it easy for them to buy from you.

Online stores have storefronts, shopping carts, payment processing, and order fulfillment systems.
A “storefront” includes photos and descriptions of the products or services for sale.
A “shopping cart” allows customers to select and temporarily store products that they want to buy.
“Payment processing” is a system that allows customers to select a payment method and process their credit card information.
“Order-fulfillment” is the process of shipping the purchases.

Every package contains

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Content Marketing: If you’re selling a service or product, but don’t want an e-store, we’ll design the pages for Content Marketing ability. Content Marketing is a way of generating interest in products or services by offering attractive and pertinent online materials (such as videos, blogs, vlogs, courses, and e-books) as a free incentive, in exchange for the prospective customer’s email address. You then nurture a relationship with these potential buyers by emailing them personal discounts, coupons, product announcements, info about new services and upcoming events, or by sending newsletters that they’ve chosen to opt-into.

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Social Media Marketing: We’ll do one round of website promotion via social networks, in the form of re-usable posts or Pinterest Pins. The type of promotion will depend upon the package purchased and the social network you desire to use. Common social media network sites include Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter. After the first round, you can re-use the post or Pin as many times as you’d like, to continue promoting your web presence.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Your site will be submitted to Google and Bing, and an “XML site map” will be added to your site’s file directory, ensuring that the site will be indexed. (An XML sitemap lists a website’s pages so they can be discovered by searches.) All images will be optimized for SEO because search engines crawl site images as well as image file names. Image optimization, by way of correcting the format, dimension, size, and resolution of images, helps visitors to find your website when they search for relevant images.

Mobile friendliness: In 2015, Google began using “Responsive Design” (aka “mobile friendliness”) as a way to rank websites in search results. We make your site mobile friendly because if a site doesn’t look great on mobile devices, it’s ranked lower in web-search results. We don’t want that any more than you do.

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Security: Besides containing the scripts and data that make your website work, each website file and folder has a set of permissions that control access to it. We change your site’s default file permissions to a higher, more restrictive access level. We don’t want you to get hacked.

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SSL Certificate: In July of 2018, Google Chrome released a security update that warns visitors that a site is “not safe” if it doesn’t have an SSL certificate installed. We install either a permanent or temporary certificate depending upon the package purchased.

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Plug-ins: For WordPress websites, the appropriate security plug-ins will be installed. “Loginizer” (fights “brute-force attacks” by blocking login attempts after the maximum is reached) and “Hide Login” obscures the default WordPress login page, preventing access to files and directories. Only pertinent, up-to-date plug-ins will be installed which contribute to the site’s functionality, aesthetics, SEO and security.

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Analytics: This information provides valuable insight into your audience. You can use this data to create content, launch services or products, and decide how content can be improved to attract more website traffic.

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Your Style Theme: We create a graphics file for you that contains important information about your site’s style; including a copy of your logo, your font names, your color palette, and the important elements contained on your site such as images and URLs. You can use this graphic as a guide any time you make changes to your website.


Your Goodbye Package: After your site is launched, we’ll provide a package of info with the important information about your site, such as your hosting provider, login info, domain name registrar, important expiration dates, a copy of your purchased SSL certificate, a list of your plug-ins, all API keys, all custom code (HTML and CSS), as well as our contact information, in case you need to reach us in the future.


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